Frequently Asked Questions


What is the email address for support issues?
For any question or inquiry, please contact us via email:
What wallets are compatible with ZIX?
You can use any wallet which supports ERC20 tokens.

If you wish to add your ZIX erc20 tokens to your private wallet, fill in the following contract address; then you will be able to read your ZIX balance.

ZIX Token Contract Address: 0xf3C092cA8CD6D3d4ca004Dc1d0f1fe8CcAB53599 Token Symbol: ZIX Decimals: 18

Buying with Zeex

I want more brands!
Zeex has many more suppliers, but our launch is done carefully to provide with a high level of service, and the best shopping experience from the start.
I have a problem with my Zeek gift card, where should I address?
You can reach Zeek via email at:
What countries do you support?
Australia, Canada, Russia, Japan, the UK, Germany and more will follow every day.
Which browsers does MetaMask support?
MetaMask supports Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers.
I tried to use the gift-card in the store and they didn’t accept it.
Please make sure your chosen brand operates in your geography. If you’re still having issues, please contact the Suppliers’ support. You can find the relevant information on the gift card itself.

Besides, you can always tap on the 'i' above the specific brand's link to review the terms & conditions of the gift-card supplier, such as geographic range, expiry times, usage, etc.

Zeex is not a gift card supplier, but a decentralized platform offering suppliers from around the world to sell their products on the blockchain safely and intuitively.
Why did I get insufficient funds message?
Please check the balance of your Metamask wallet. You may need to add additional funds.
I bought a gift card and I don’t see it
This could happen for a few reasons:
1. The transaction is not approved yet- check your wallet for pending transactions. 2. You’re in the wrong wallet, make sure you’ve entered the app with the correct wallet address.

We cannot decode your gift-card details, only the owner of the wallet can. If you are still having problems, please contact us at:
How can I install the mobile app?
Currently, we are yet to support mobile applications. Nevertheless, we are continually working on new integrations with leading indusrty wallets on mobile.
Why don’t I see the gift card right away?
As we’re on the Ethereum blockchain, transactions might take time until blocks are confirmed. The transaction time can increase based on the network load and/or the gas price which sadly we cannot control.
Can I send my gift card to another device?
You can easily send your voucher code/virtual gift card to anyone you'd like via email.
I can't seem to use my BTC to buy gift cards, why?
Currently, the beta version app allows purchases in Ether or other erc20 Tokens exclusively. Stay tuned, Zeex will support a vast range of coins soon enough.
How to connect my Wallet?
The Zeex platform is connected to the MetaMask wallet, available for download at:
How to Adjust Gas Price and Gas Limit?
MetaMask is automatically calculating the gas limit for you. However, you can visit: to get your recommended gas prices based on the current network conditions.
How are we dealing with the high volatility of the different cryptos and BTC?
When making a purchase, you will get the current rate at that very moment. We will support our suppliers with hedging and other financial services to protect them from the volatility! As a consumer, you won’t feel it!
Why does my transaction take so long?
This is only the first phase of our new marketplace. Very soon as our White-Paper states, you will enjoy real-time and immediate transactions through Zeex.
What is Metamask? How to use it?
Metamask is the most commonly used browser-based wallet for this type of application. If you are having troubles using Metamask you can check their help page:
Can I use cards of another region?
In accordance with the terms and conditions of the specific gift card provider & region.
How do I cancel my transaction?
Sadly it is not possible, the transactions on the blockchain are final.
Is it possible to use Zeex to sell crypto for gift cards as well?
Not yet, but in the future, you will be able also to sell gift cards. Stay tuned!
How can I use the gift-cards?
Copy the serial number into the relevant website when checking out.
Can I return a gift-card?
No, the transactions on the blockchain are final. You can always sell these on a secondary marketplace, just not through Zeex.
Do you support mobile?
We are mobile responsive. The official mobile app will be launched soon.


What are the network fees?
Zeex has no fees or commissions. However, you need to pay for the gas price.

Security & privacy

Why do I need to sign a message?
We use it to recognize your wallet so we can encrypt the vouchers to your personal code. It doesn’t cost you anything, and you don’t share anything sensitive.
Why do you need my email address for?
We don't. However, if you would like to send your gift-card to yourself via email- it's possible.
How is my data protected and how can I protect myself from malicious users?
We use the highest grade encryption available to protect all of our user data, and all of our whitelisting will be done by trusted third parties to ensure the security of your private information. On your end, make sure that you use unique passwords for each account you have and keep these passwords safe. Never give your private data to anyone, Zeex will never request your password or anything of that nature, so if you see something like that, it's almost certainly spam. Besides, Zeex Moderators on Telegram will never private message you or send you an ETH address.

Tokens & Payments

What kind of cryptocurrency is ZIX?
ZIX is an ERC20 token, built on the Ethereum network.
Which currencies does Zeex support?
At this moment, we support Ether, WGP & BNB Tokens only. More will follow very soon.
How do I get ZIX Tokens?
At this stage, our beta is open for the ZIX Token holders exclusively.
What are the other utilities of the ZIX token?
Besides the ability to pay with the ZIX token, it has many utilities, some of which are:
1. ZIX holders will get priority for high-demand gift cards.
2. The token will be used as a pledge to enable instant transactions.
3. The ZIX token helps with fraud prevention and double spending prevention
How do you calculate the Ether price?
We take the instant rate from CoinMarketCap, and charge no fees or commissions.