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With Zeex, your crypto is accepted in:

+ 350 additional major brands

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A simple shopping experience

Enjoy a simple and immediate shopping experience with your crypto. Buy goods and services directly from the brands you like without traditional fiat currency. The smooth and user-friendly interface hides a complex, secured inventory management system based on the rails of gift cards built to give you access to the stores you like, online or offline, with 3 taps. Friction free, without fees.

Decentralized crypto shopping is finally a reality.


Enjoy the access level of a credit card with the privacy of crypto

Gift Cards

Cards Based on retail vouchers, pay the same or less, always.


Stop losing money converting to Fiat


A working product coming from beta to the public straight after the token sale


Zeex created the platform & protocol, there is no middleman.

Backed by a market leader

  • Zeex's sister company & seed investor
  • Sold one million gift cards comprising
    of more than 350 top brands

Since its establishment in 2014, Zeek has been at the forefront of the corporate currency industry, having sold more than one million gift cards in 2017, comprising of more than 350 top brands (including tier 1 & 2 retailers such as Amazon, Adidas, Nike, Tesco, Sainsbury's, and many more) across a broad range of products and services. Notably, in the last two years, Zeek has grown tenfold year-over-year (YoY).

Zeek's global partners

Zeex - How Can I Buy Coffee With ETH?

  • ZIX Functions With Ziv!
    Ziv Isaiah

  • The Difference Between The Soft Cap And Hard Cap
    Guy Melamedh

  • Zeex Crypto Shopping!


Zeex in the news

Probably the biggest obstacle to the uptake of coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum into the real economy is the lack of opportunities to spend it. Even though more than half of Amazon customers would use an Amazon coin for their purchases, actually doing so remains basically science fiction. Liquidity in crypto markets is shaky. Since it's hard to make real life crypto purchases in most big marketplaces, the coin holders aren't always able to fulfill their holdings.
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This world is far from perfect. However, amongst this imperfection, Zeex (with an X), a sister company of the known Zeek (with a K), has developed a solution that allows you to store and manage many of your cash assets in one secure location, offering unique security, privacy, and ease of use.
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Zeex announces a recently finalized partnership with Giftery, a Russia based gift card provider with extensive experience in the retail sector. Giftery partnered with Zeex to help create a decentralized, cryptocurrency powered shopping ecosystem. This powerhouse partnership will give Zeex thorough coverage of the eastern European markets, further strengthening their global business presence. It will allow both Zeex and Giftery to reach the millions of crypto users located in eastern Europe, as well as boost gift card practicality and reach.
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Economy based on virtual gift cards

Virtual gift cards (retail vouchers) is a growing global market, ballooning to more than $600B in 2017. Companies love gift cards because they guarantee them income and consumers love them because they guarantee access to products and services. With the backing and know-how from our sister company Zeek, Zeex offers the same convenience and usability to cryptocurrency users. Gift cards are always accepted by the store, their value isn’t affected by market movements, they are accepted online or offline and their value in the store is the same regardless of in-store sales and discounts.

Token utilities

Zeex will offer owners of ZIX tokens a lifetime precedence for discounted corporate currencies over any other user, based on an offering catalogue

Among other utilities, the owner of a ZIX token will have the right to:

  • 1Priority - When there's more demand than supply for highly-desirable assets, Zix token owners will have priority over other users to secure those assets.
  • 2Pledge – Zix token owners will not have to wait long periods for transactions to clear, their tokens will be used as collateral to ensure an immediate settlement.
  • 3Login – Zix token owners will have the ability to log into Zeex securely and anonymously using their token.

Our partners

Fundraising goals

Token Distribution

  • Token sale 50%
  • Partnerships 20%
  • Team 15%
  • Reserved 10%
  • Community 5%

Use of Proceeds

  • Investment in gift card suppliers 55%
  • R&D, Product & Market development, Retail expansion 30%
  • Sales & Marketing 10%
  • Operations 5%
Soft Cap: 14M USD
Hard Cap: 50M USD
Cost: 1ETH = 5,000ZIX
Token Sale date: Q2/2018

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Meet the team

Guy Melamed

Co-Founder & CEO

Ziv Isaiah

Co-Founder & CTO

Apan Amos Damri


Yaniv Barak

Head of Business Development

Rafi Glantz

Community Manager

Eyal Solnik

Operations Manager

Victoria Tsitrinbaum

Marcom Manager

Ilan Schifter

Blockchain Developer

Noam Malter

Chief Architect

Our advisors

Strategic Advisor

Daniel Zelkind, CEO & Co-Founder of Zeek

Blockchain Advisor

Eyal Hertzog, Foundation Council at Bancor

Fintech and Crypto Advisor

Artūras Asakavičius, Co-Founder & COO of WePower

Blockchain Product Advisor

Sebastien Stupurac, Co-Founder of Wings

Investments Advisor

Gigi Levy-Weiss, Founding Partner NFX Guild

Financial Advisor

Joseph Barnea, Chief Investment Officer of Delek Group

Investments Advisor

Adrian Lai, Managing Partner of Orichal Partners

Cryptocurrency Advisor

Ken Shishido, Bitcoin Evangelist

Strategic and Crypto Investment Advisor

Sonic Zhang, Founder of ValueNet Capital

Tokenomics specialist

Liron Langer, CIO at Nielsen Innovate