About Us

What is our goal?

We at zeex.me are a team of people who are very interested in bitcoin and crypto things. This is the reason why we started this site where we would like to write about different topics which are of interest. This includes Guides, Product Reports and news which will be published on a regular basis. This way we can share our knowledge and our experiences.

Each author on this page has deeper knowledge on specfifc topics. The knowledge is based on private interests and/or professional emphases.

We try to write our articles in a clearly and structured way suppported by various images in order to offer real value to our audience. From time to time guest articles will be published here as well as there are always topics which we don’t know much about. So, other experts need to come by and drop some valuable articles here.

Notes and delimitation

We would like to emphasize out that our knowledge is no guarantee that eg earnings are the same for everyone of our audience. Bitcoin and crypto products are always highest risk and you can lose all your invested money within a short period of time. Additionally we’re no product owner or supplier. We are only users and buyers of products presented here!

Additional information

We try to cover our expenses in some articles with affiliate links. This means that we receive a small percentage commission for a click or a possible purchase of a product. We hope you enjoy reading our blog. You can contact us via our contact page.

Further information about a cooperation can be found on the following page: Cooperation or guest author


Our team of authors and contributors

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