Bitcoin System Review

bitcoin System

“The Perfect forum to surf the Bitcoin wave…” That’s how the website of Bitcoin System calls itself. Well, we just have to put it to the test, don’t we? This particular review will focus on Bitcoin System’s features and functions, especially that which makes it unique among several Bitcoin trading platforms in the market.

What Makes Bitcoin System Unique?

The Bitcoin System is a software perfect for individuals wanting to take advantage of the surging success of Bitcoin and the crypto market. The market is flooded with hundreds of various platforms to handle Bitcoin trading, but Bitcoin System boasts of a 95% success that makes it unique from other similar programs.

Bitcoin System

How Does The Bitcoin System Function?

Bitcoin System facilitates all the aspects of trading, making all the correct decisions and timely actions with a high degree of autonomy and automation. The software robot works more effectively when left independent after a user sets the desired parameters and risk factors.

Now, this does not mean the system is entirely foolproof and would generate profit the whole time. Several factors should be considered, the most crucial of which is the optimal parameters to be programmed into the settings.

Bitcoin System works by employing its algorithms onto the set conditions and endeavors to arrive at an ideal solution for each situation. Historically Bitcoin System has a significantly positive outcome.

Can Bitcoin System Be A Scam?

So far, with the figures presented on their official website ( and numerous positive testimonials, all information leads to the conclusion that the Bitcoin System is legitimate and not a scam. All user reviews point to the truth of all the claims made by its creator, Steve McKay.

At the time of this writing, there are no negative comments that can be made about the Bitcoin System. Of course, the trading world being very fluid, we have no way of saying what the future holds. It would just be prudent to conduct another review in the future.

What Are The Pros Of The Bitcoin System?

Bitcoin System has several advantages and foremost among them is the utility of the platform considering one’s prior experience in trading, or lack thereof. It is very user-friendly, intuitive, and straightforward that kids in their teens could be familiar with it in no time. What’s more, the Bitcoin System has an excellent customer support staff ready to assist you in any inquiry, problem, or concern you might have.

bitcoin System

Despite its highly advanced systems and algorithms, you might expect that there would be no need for a customer support team. However, this is quite the opposite, as people (users) will always encounter new things that they would need someone to help them with. And of course, there will always be issues that would come up, which would need attention and time to resolve.

Steve McKay, the designer/creator of the Bitcoin System, has extensive experience in trading with Bitcoin cryptocurrencies and certainly knows the ins and outs of the industry.

Getting Started With Bitcoin System Software

There is not much effort in getting started with using Bitcoin System. You would only need to undertake a few steps and would typically need just a few minutes to accomplish. We present the procedure here:

Step 1 – Opening A Bitcoin System Account

Visit Bitcoin System’s homepage, and you will easily find a prompt asking you to enter your complete name, valid email address for granting access, and contact number. Those are the only information you would need to provide, and once that is done, you will be taken immediately to a new page to select some options.

Step 2 – The Bitcoin System Demo Account

The demo account is optional but is exceedingly suggested for those not very familiar with trading or wishes to check the platform features before diving into the thick of the matter. It is a detailed presentation of the various aspects of the Bitcoin System and effectively simulates the platform’s abilities. The demo is so impressive that many individuals who tested it immediately made the initial deposit, having been amazed and convinced of the program’s capabilities.

Step 3 – Funds Deposit

After the account creation, the next move is to deposit initial funds to be able to proceed with trading. Similar to other trading platforms, there is a minimum amount (starting at $250) necessary as a deposit, and which also becomes your initial capital. That amount can be increased as you get more confident with the operating system and Bitcoin System as a whole.

What Are The Main Features Of The Bitcoin System?

The main features of Bitcoin System are:

  • Bitcoin System is free. That is compared to some platforms wherein you have to purchase a supposed free service or item.
  • Bitcoin System provides functions that make trading transactions a breeze for its users. Mainly it uses Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to give ease and accuracy to the app users. All you need to do is set up the parameters during account verification and demo account activation. The app works best if left alone, and the user only needs to check on occasion or to change settings in rare cases.
  • The Bitcoin System algorithm makes the proper adjustments based on the parameters you have set and acts upon them accordingly.
  • Bitcoin System is very precise and has a rate of 96% accuracy of trading predictions. That means you get a quick return on your investment, i.e., $1,100 a day for the initial $250 that you deposited at the start. Of course, if you want to earn more, you need to put in more funds that serve as your working capital.


Has Bitcoin System Appeared On TV Or Ads?

It is quite safe to say that Bitcoin System has not been featured on television. Although there is a rumor going around that Bitcoin System has been on TV, it is unsubstantiated. And despite several references to Bitcoin usage and cryptocurrencies in general, there has not been a specific mention or endorsement of the Bitcoin System.

Are Celebrities Endorsing The Bitcoin System?

Similar to the previous section, this is just another rumor that persists among the various trade forums. And the same as the other one, it is also highly unsubstantiated. Celebrities are not known to make endorsements of this venue or platform, and they certainly don’t need to make one for their benefit. More importantly, this type of forum does not need endorsements of that kind.


Who Is The Creator Of The Bitcoin System?

Steve McKay, a former developer of software, created Bitcoin System. He was previously making a vast amount of money working in a huge company, but then decided to quit that job and started his own company to set up a Bitcoin System App. Since then, he has helped many people to make terrific amounts of money beyond their wildest expectations.

Can I Get Rich With Bitcoin System?

Bitcoin System is purported to have allowed many people to make substantial amounts of money by using its platform in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading. The creator, Steve McKay, has made people’s claims to get help from the Bitcoin System in earning a total of $18 million during the last six months. Regardless of the veracity of these claims, there are no guarantees that you will have the same outcome and become a millionaire.  Many factors (like setting preferences and amount of capital or deposit) will determine the issue and amount you will earn.

The original and popular claim of the Bitcoin System is enabling its investors to make $13,000 in 24 hours. Despite the dubious nature of the claim, an independent investigating team made a surprising revelation that, in all honesty, the Bitcoin System crypto bot really does what it is designed to do. Many people have made a killing in cryptocurrency trading, particularly with Bitcoin System, so Steve McKay’s claims are indeed accurate.

How Long Do Results Usually Come In?

The Bitcoin System website claims results will be visible typically in 24 hours. That claim of getting anywhere from $1,100 to $13,000 in 24 hours is absolutely valid.

How Much Time Do I Need To Put Into Bitcoin System?

Bitcoin System claims that you only need to put in a few minutes per day. That is because you have already established the initial parameters during set up. You only need to come back once in a while to check on the results, or if necessary, make adjustments to the settings. Remember that the Bitcoin System works better if left alone.


In all honesty, the Bitcoin System App’s claims are a bit far-fetched, so we did a little independent investigation. First off is their pronouncement of transforming your $250 initial investment into $13,000 in just 24 hours. We have made the necessary simulations from registration, getting an assigned, licensed broker, and making the required initial funds deposit of $250. Lo and behold, after 24 hours, we got the $13,000 in our account! Steve McKay was not making a scam; it was all real!

Bitcoin System, like every other Bitcoin trading platform, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to make accurate predictions (in Bitcoin System’s case, it’s 96% accuracy!) and act upon them accordingly. Now the beautiful thing about crypto bots is that you do not have to spend so much time with it to earn. The system actually works better independently, and all you need to do is check results from time to time, or in rare cases, make necessary changes to the parameters you have previously set.

We have to mention here that the licensed broker assigned to our simulation team is a legitimate broker with the proper licenses and registrations. For privacy reasons, we cannot divulge their exact details but suffice it to say they are legit!

Part of verification is checking the various reviews and member testimonials. Most of these are authentic. In our search for complaints, we only encountered two: both of them are minor to the point of irrelevancy but are certainly not attributable to the Bitcoin System and its operations. More importantly, we found nothing pertaining to credit-card overcharges or money withdrawals and claims.

Now we have found a similar site with somewhat the same name, and that is a clone. Best stay away from it and use this authentic link:

One other plus factor is that the Bitcoin System is very user-friendly with the amateur or newbie traders in mind as its primary target sector. That means you do not require prior knowledge or experience in trading to be able to operate this platform. Furthermore, it has a demo account that simulates the various aspects of live trading that can make the most unlearned individual into a semi-pro in less time expected.

Usually, the forum or testimonials area of reviews are looked at with skepticism. However, the testimonials we have checked out in the official Bitcoin System website are real people who have made a real investment in the platform and earned real money (we don’t need to go far as our team experienced that first hand).

Also, it is essential to mention that investors do not experience any problems in money claims or withdrawals using the website’s cash-out link. As long as you have provided all the pertinent information, you will get your money anytime you want or need to.

Bitcoin System is a legitimate cryptocurrency trading platform that focuses on strategies, back-testing, contract rates, and performance levels. The crypto bot AI incorporated in the system really performs its duties to find the right and accurate means to earn money. You just have to be careful of falling into misleading endorsements that point to the fake website and use the authentic one we posted earlier.

As a final note, we have to point out that the Bitcoin System is different from Bitcoin Profit and has no direct relation to it. We have invested in the platform, saw its profitability potential, and recommended the site for what it truly is.


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