Forex Trendy Review - Is it a Scam or Legit?

Forex Trendy Review

Several Forex trading platforms have proliferated the market, with each broker claiming to help investors rake in hundreds of dollars in profit. People are willing to make colossal investments to make fortunes out of Forex trading platforms, but the truth is that several illegitimate trading platforms have cropped up.

We’ve learned that Forex trading is increasingly becoming a lot more popular than it used to be a few years back. It’s easy to get swayed by programs with nothing more than scams to offer or those that don’t provide sufficient information on their selling points.

As more people are continually catapulted to even dire financial institutions by such Forex trading platforms, we did comprehensive research to unravel any hidden truths about Forex Trendy – if they existed at all.

Forex Trendy Review

Forex Trendy is a software program created in 2014 and uses an algorithm to monitor market trends. Since its inception, it has enjoyed some dramatic improvements that help traders avoid the uncertain “choppy zone.”

Not much information is available regarding the inception of Forex Trendy nor its creator. Despite the several positive reviews on its website, Forex Trendy has remained secretive and opaque about its exact developers and service at large. However, the company has continually fine-tuned most of its features, making the service available online.

If you’re already a dexterous Forex trader, you already know how currency pairs change at lightning speed and how fast the best trading pairs shift. Often, you have to download and install most Forex trend scanners to help you read and interpret the charts, which could slow down your PC and cause trading issues.

Unlike most trading platforms, Forex Trendy is a web-based online platform that offsets this downloading software problem. As a 100% fully-automated Forex trading platform, its core function is to analyze the Forex trading market and evaluate the existential trends to recommend to traders when and how to initiate a trade.

Keep in mind that Forex Trendy is not a trading robot; it only helps you find the best market trends to help you make optimal trading decisions. Nonetheless, it automatically scans 34 commonly traded currency pairs in the Forex market across all time frames and generates the best currency pair to trade.

How Forex Trendy works

Forex Trendy incorporates a mammoth of scientific algorithms, an automated chart analysis, pattern recognition, and their own Forex trend scanner software provides traders with a hint of the current trading trends and profitable patterns. The software developers claim that the Forex Trendy gives an accuracy rate of 90% and scans over 34 currency pairs to predict within 60 seconds and 30 days.

Forex Trendy will scan the Forex market stats in a given time frame and figure out every possible breakout pattern in the chart and deliver suggestions that would provide the safest investments to make. Once you’ve completed the monthly subscription of your choice, you’ll access custom settings, the market, and the time you want to scan, and the algorithm will generate graphs, charts, and resources relevant to help you read. Once the results are out, you’ll receive an email notification on your device, so you make an optimal decision.

Although Forex Trendy poses a reliable Forex scanner, the site’s information is just for informed guesses. It’s not an outright answer to your trading since you have to use intuition to make decisions. In other words, you might experience some losses along the way.

At a glance, the elements below feature Forex Trendy trading stats:

  • Sophisticated scientific algorithms to study, evaluate, and analyze Forex market trends.
  • Automatically scan of over 34 currency pairs in stipulated time frames within 60 seconds and 30 days.
  • Incorporation of real-time chart analysis for identifying the market patterns in the market with 100% automation.
  • A 90% trading accuracy
  • Genuine, user-friendly trading platform with a money-back guarantee for beginners and experts alike.
  • A free 30-page eBook to guide you on how to trade optimally.

Forex Trendy Review

Furthermore, during our Forex Trendy review, we found that the user-friendly software will provide you with email alerts and audible alerts to help you make the most of the trends in the time frames you need. Check out more here directly with on the official website!

Making money with Forex Trendy

There are two ways to invest with Forex Trendy – you either sign up as a member or promote the company as an affiliate.

Once you sign up as a member, you’re going to access the membership area where you’ll enjoy the live charts of time frames and your selected currency pairs as well as an overview of the frame trends that come with email and sound notifications. One notable benefit of Forex Trendy is that it helps you make optimal decisions even in the most uncertain times. Most robots only have their prime when the exchange is incredibly favorable, but things often turn sour when the market trends enter the “choppy zone.”

With a subscription that costs $12.3 every month, the membership package comes with giveaways, live charts for emerging patterns, and alerts for complete patterns and scans.

If you feel that you’re not a dexterous trader, you can still make money using Forex Trendy by becoming an affiliate. Marketing this Forex trading software using your affiliate program necessitates you to secure a Clickbank account so you can submit the account number using your Clickbank ID.

Payments through the affiliate program are quite hefty. For the first sale of $37 a month, you’ll get 75% of the amount as long as the customer used the link to sign up. Besides being a trendy thing in the industry, affiliate marketing for the Forex market isn’t as hard as selling other products since most people pour in and stay on the boat.

Pricing and money-back guarantee

While Forex Trendy typically entails a web-based trading platform, you can access the download by paying a minimum deposit of $250. Aside from the minimum deposit, you’ll incur $37 every three months, after which you choose your trading mode based on your experience level. Cumulatively, you’ll end up paying $148 annually as fees, but the payout you’ll receive from trading will make this amount negligible.

One notable perk of Forex Trendy is that it has a money-back guarantee that lasts 60 days. If you feel that you’re unhappy with the service, you can request a refund as long as the period is within 60 days of the subscription date.


The pricing of any Forex trading platform is crucial, considering that it is not uncommon for brokerages to capitalize on fees to generate revenue.

Besides an initial deposit of $250, Forex Trendy has one pricing option where you’ll incur $37 every quarter. Although it lacks a trial period, this pricing remains fairly competitive across the industry, mainly because it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Forex Trendy

Trendy trading

The concept of trading with Forex Trendy as a conventional method of investing in financial markets is how investors seek an edge in assessing the price’s long-term direction. They hold on to a long or short position, depending on the period through which it takes to turn around.

When we tried a “dry-run” trading, we found that a trend will start to form and then plummet just as the market pulls back. We noticed that this pattern requires a significant bravery level since you might place a trade just before the trend drops, leading to immense losses.

However, the great news is that Forex Trendy analyzes you, so you won’t have to get lost through guessing. The algorithms perform this analysis by finding the pairs with the most effective and highest possible trade possibility, followed by finding those with the least max drawdown. Once the software finds the best match, it alerts you of the opportunity using an email notification to help you know any new patterns which are developed and should be traded.

Forecast and live charting

Forex trading is immensely dependent on time, which means you can’t use the previous day’s charts to make current predictions and win trades.

The charts generated by trendy trading are frequently updated and scanned with the latest information regarding the trends you should pursue to ensure you have the most accurate information on possibilities and opportunities.


Naturally, it’s crucial to have a friendly dashboard and a platform through which you can navigate without much hassle.

When we compared Forex Trendy with other platforms, we found it more intuitive and less cumbersome to use even if you have limited trading experience. The Forex trend scanner dashboard is incredibly organized and integrated with major trading platforms like MT4 and MT5 that are typical for any Forex broker. Visit the official site by clicking this link!

Automated recognition features

One of the most notable elements of Forex Trendy is the auto-recognition triangles, wedges, trend lines, and flags. These elements are incredibly essential when finding the most reliable pattern in your charts, so you don’t have to spend much time decoding results.

Without a doubt, it’s close to impossible to interpret every chart and find an ideal pattern for trading. If you’re an expert in Forex trading, this feature will undoubtedly be the software’s centerpiece for you.


Forex Trendy has a mammoth of resources for its consumers using the affiliate program – ranging from banners and e-Covers of different sizes and shapes collated and pasted on your website.

Besides, the company has templates that you can use for your cold-emailing campaigns. If you want to escalate your media campaigns, Forex Trendy has incredible resources you can embed on your platform. You can use these resources to garner a massive follower-base as they have gone through various copywriting tests to ascertain their conversion prowess.

Besides getting commissions from referrals, you can get some payout by giving out the company’s eBook for free. The trick here is to tailor the eBook’s content through the company’s affiliate page, after which you use your Bank’s ID to inter-twine the links inside it with your set of affiliate links. Once the reader thinks of subscribing, there’ll be a higher chance of you getting paid through the links they clicked.

Is Forex Trendy good for you?

Forex Trendy is right when it claims that it helps traders profit through their membership and affiliate programs. Scrutiny reveals that they do not disclose that they increase the odds of your profitability by helping you identify patterns with the most profitable potential.

The firm focuses more on sealing pitfalls that traders commonly fall into regarding trading in times of great uncertainty. Besides making all claims in a well-crafted language, the company has well-managed claims to ensure that the traders have optimal expectations.

The results provided by the Forex Trendy industry have mainly been positive, with several users reporting consistency, correct patterns, and accurate trends. At the same time, Forex Trendy has some associated drawbacks and areas they need to improve.

One contentious issue surrounding this platform is the obscurity surrounding this platform’s developer, which raises some red flags about credibility and legitimacy. While Forex Trendy is still an impeccable choice, there’s so much hype, and you might get empty promises if you rely too much on their sales pitch. As if that’s not enough, Forex Trendy claims to have a 90% success rate, and up to 70% trading wins.

Although these metrics can be valid indicators of your success probability, keep in mind that the trading landscape is such an unpredictable sphere characterized by high volatility. Simply said, everything is always speculation with no guaranteed results.

Is Forex Trendy Legit? - Conclusion

It’s not uncommon to experience losses while trading using this platform since the trading sphere is full of several features, and the 90% money-back guarantee program doesn’t entirely rule out the possibility of a colossal loss. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that Forex Trendy has no history of fraud and that all the claims made by the firm are, in all cases, genuine. Overall, our unbiased opinion is that Forex Trendy is a legitimate and useful Forex trading platform.

The bottom line is this: If you want a software that will send you email alerts you to trends that help you make money, you should certainly try out their forex trend scanner software. Use the Forex Trendy login page now.

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