Ticker Tocker Review - Is The Hype Real?

Ticker Tocker Review

If you’re more on social media, the chances are that you aren’t new to the Tick Tock sensation that has rocked the music industry. “Ticker Tocker” sounds like an improved clone of the original Tick Tock app, but the world of investing and trading has invented an education and research platform for traders. Here is our own Ticker Tocker review.

Ticker Tocker is an award-winning trading marketplace that has been certified as the best social trading platform in the 2020 FinTech Breakthrough Awards Program – a stand-alone entity that recognizes technology firms worldwide. The inception of Ticker Tocker dated back to 2007 when Stephen Kalayjian, the brains behind its development, created this intuitive platform to enable traders to meet, socialize and trade.

Ticker Tocker Review - Is The Hype Real?

Stephen Kalayjian claims to have over 30 years’ experience in trading stocks, forex, and commodities. He created Ticker Tocker with a consortium of other leaders who all collated their ideas. The site connects novice traders to dexterous trading leaders on a monthly subscription basis to enable them to share ideas on how to make the most out of trading. Simultaneously, traders who want to trade independently can use their code-free algorithm generator to create and actualize their trading strategies.

Expert traders provide real-time trading strategies to enable traders to use tools within the platform to monetize their investment. Such tools are designed to enhance transparency, enhance the spread distribution, and increase a leader’s follower base, consequently enabling them to receive funding and establish consumer trust of their intellectual property.

According to James Johnson, the managing director of FinTech, Ticker Tocker is an incredible platform that eradicated the trading industry’s obscurity by providing a platform that creates a transparent bridge between traders and leaders. At the same time, Joe Murphy, the CEO of Ticker Tocker, argues that they continue to enrich their user experience with novel trading tools using their colossal database comprising of leaders and traders.

Without a doubt, one thing that could be ringing in your mind is whether Ticker Tocker is a legitimate platform or another cloned version of scams proliferated in the trading industry. With a mammoth of praises heaped on Ticker Tocker by the founders and third parties alike, we went ahead to examine and substantiate the claims of those Ticker Tocker reviews.

How Ticker Tocker Works

If you’re an upcoming investor, it might be slightly hard to get your feet to the ground and learn trading insights useful to help you trade effectively. Simultaneously, getting a hold of the best traders across the globe can be difficult, but Ticker Tocker gives you a platform to do so.

The forex platform features an in-built system that is fully automated, enabling you to automate your trading experience using slightly less intuitive features. It gives you direct access to a handful of brokers ranging from TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and E*Trade. We thought it’s a feature well-thought-out and can work exceptionally when you have a well-deployable strategy.

The website welcomes you to a page with three options: logging in, joining for free, and becoming a leader. The right side towards the edge of a page shows multiple users’ profiles and their initial investments, net total return, and percentage return. “Jeff Wecker,” for instance, secured an initial deposit of $200,000, and it took him a year to have a 189.50% ROI.

Jeff Wecker

While monetary metrics are relative to investors, this amount is undoubtedly colossal. This took us to the “sign up” page, where we filled out the details and headed to check out the payment plans.

Admittedly, the monthly payment plans of $160 for investors and $200 for leaders was as astonishing as it was eye-popping. One notable element is that investors get free access to Ticker Tocker’s fully automated trading strategy designer to monitor trading signals. At the same time, leaders may need additional subscriptions to check their trading activity and access live videos and educational courses.

Although the platform offers a 2-week trial for investors and a 30-day trial for leaders, subscriptions can cumulatively go slightly over several hundreds of dollars per month. This colossal amount of fees made us examine the features to ascertain whether they leverage this enormous investment.

How Much Does Ticker Tocker Cost?

The Ticker Tocker price is something that many people have wanted to know over the past few months. Do you have access to all of the trade ideas and charting tools for free, or do you have to pay to start trading?

Well, sign-up is free, and you get to watch some people give you their trade ideas live for free too. However, if you want to become a leader, you will have to pay $100 (price is correct when writing) a month. If you are good at Ticker Tocker trading, that may well be a small amount of money considering the cost you can have people pay to subscribe to your information.

That can range from free, right through to $200 a month. There may be higher prices if you go right into the corners of the site, but I haven’t found any yet!


The most notable element of this forex platform is access to dexterous leaders who share their profit strategies. The platform is designed to filter it to display leaders with different trading styles, profits, and other factors.

Every leader has a profile with a tailored page displaying an introductory video, a list of their recent, verified trades, and past performance. Some leaders require a monthly subscription fee to access their verified transactions and learning materials. This page is essential in helping you decide the leader you want to subscribe to.

The leaders offer a mammoth of resources to traders. From their verified trades to trading ideas expressed through textual and annotated charts showing the entry and exit positions, the leaders’ strategies are incredibly helpful.

Keep in mind that these resources’ efficacy and format vary from leader to leader since the specific leaders largely control them. Therefore, the sheer number of leaders and the diversity of information provided in their page and disparities in monthly subscriptions make this feature contentious.

Educational Courses

Besides the resources availed by leaders, the Ticker Tocker platform has built-in educational courses to help you learn to trade. If you’re a beginner, the best strategy is to capitalize so much on the information provided and take complete dominance over every move you make.

We had a chance of talking to Stephen, and it turned out that he’s an incredible tutor. He is down to earth and encompasses someone willing to educate novices with much zeal. As one of the most popular leaders on the system, Stephen has a newsletter, like any other leader, which you can pick to follow his trading style.

A significant downside of this newsletter feature is that some leaders require you to pay for the subscription. This sounds like double-extortion as you already paid for the initial subscription.

Automated Trading

Despite this feature’s limited compatibility, it’s incredibly handy for traders looking for a more personalized, automated trading experience. Besides, the platform intuitive and requires a lot less time to understand, learn, and use the trading processes.

This makes it perfect for people with demanding careers who can barely find enough time to watch the events and keep up with the latest market trends. The build-in artificial intelligence systems help you make tailored decisions to make sufficient profit.

Strategies Editor

The strategies editor is a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to design signal-based and indicator-based strategies. You select attributes from a set of the menu on the left side of the screen and drag them to the timeline editor without performing any coding whatsoever. The editor can handle stacks of signals to use coding constructs like the “IF-THEN-ELSE” to build a strategy.

This editor’s perk is that it doesn’t require any coding, while the disadvantage is that it often presents challenges that you can’t solve without a code. While the signals are often presented through statements written in English phrases, reading through the editor can take a while.

Once you have the strategy, you can backlist it in a portfolio you will retrieve later to see how it performs historically.


Channels provide a real-time way to gather trading expertise. They feature live videos with trading strategies that when and which trades open and close.

Additionally, the channels come with Tocker scores that are relatively unique, although they are less intuitive. Tocker scores are presented in the form of pie charts that display a unique set of parameters.

Based on the immensity of the pies’ proportions, Tocker shows the values of respective parameters and calculates the score in the form of a percentage that indicates the potential stock bullish market. The scores can be displayed graphically on a chart that is relatively easy to tailor, although not to the same accuracy level as dedicated software as TradingView.

The charts are incredibly helpful when it comes to comparing several stocks on a single pictorial metric. However, one downside is that the charting window gets crowded when more than one indicator is added beneath the chart, and the functionality becomes invisible.


Ticker Tocker allows people to access multiple brokerages to place trades directly through the platform.

Currently, the Ticker Tocker forex trading platform has TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and E*Trade connected to its system. As the Tocker continues to expand, it is likely to incorporate more brokerage entities.


The overall customization of Ticker Tocker imposes multiple brick walls to someone who wants to trade seamlessly. Instead of having a single drop-down menu, the platform has numerous options that extend from each side of the page, each having different options. Some options contain selections relevant to the page you are working on, while other options pertinent to your current page are scattered everywhere.

Ticker Tocker Layout

As if that’s not enough, the disparity of content available by the leader makes it extremely difficult to know what’s available for everyone. When compounded by the fact that each leader has a unique set of customizations coupled with abbreviations, it becomes incredibly hard for newbies to navigate the platform.

Leader Incentives

Ticker Tocker’s significant difference with other platforms is how it incentivizes leaders by giving them access to commodities and trades that help them garner a huge follower-base. Users can also learn about more successful trades by mimicking successful leaders’ strategies or tailoring them to suit their business needs.

Several features of Ticker Tocker are non-intuitive, and the use of the drag-and-drop functionalities is more complicated than using coding strategies. Additionally, every leader offers different strategies, some for free and others at a monthly subscription. It can be daunting to decide optimally where to invest time, considering that you’ll be unsure what works and what doesn’t.

Ticker Tocker has had a good start, but it has a large room for improvement in trading tools, user-friendliness, and design if it wants to accommodate a massive chunk of traders.

Is Ticker Tocker good for you?

No doubt, Ticker Tocker has embraced diversity as it accommodates a broad range of traders with different levels of expertise. We had a personal “virtual” encounter with Stephen – the founder, and the company has been around for some years, so it’s a legitimate one.

However, we are convinced that the platform generally makes things complicated for new traders without developing a more comprehensive trading strategy. The detailed strategies editor compounded by the colossal gap between leaders and traders makes this platform incredibly hard for beginners. Besides, we found that most leaders often engrossed with “more important” tasks to the extent that they would hardly spare little time to explain their customized indicators. It’s not uncommon to have their Tocker charts proliferated with clogged symbols that unraveling them proves nearly impossible.

Besides, the firm comes with incredibly expensive monthly subscriptions coupled with monthly payments to follow their leaders. Cumulatively the platform becomes costly, and you might find yourself paying more than the amount you invested.


  • A drag-and-drop editor that requires no coding
  • Trading experts offer live videos, newsletters, and strategies
  • A backtesting feature that helps you evaluate your trading success rate
  • Access to several trading brokerages within the platform


  • A non-intuitive feature with complicated menus
  • It can require time to learn all the features
  • Much of the content needs subscriptions that cumulatively become expensive


This platform’s idea that makes traders with a knack for adventure connecting with newbies is undoubtedly appealing. Additionally, the lack of complicated algorithms and various features are the forex platform’s scoring points.

On the contrary, Ticker Tocker comes with a complicated strategy editor and menus scattered everywhere on their page. As if that’s not enough, it has a mammoth of subscriptions that make trading more expensive than it would have been in other platforms. Admittedly, you might end up running losses in hundreds of dollars if you don’t apply the right strategies. Unless you’re willing to invest larger sums of money, it is wise to find more affordable platforms. However, take a look for yourself, you may find that nugget of information you have been looking for, for free, I know I have!

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