Analysis of the Bitcoin Pro (2020)

Bitcoin Pro


Bitcoin Pro is the automated trading bot created in 2016 that has a 90% success rate in Bitcoin trading. The trading robot transforms an initial $250 deposit into thousands of dollars each day. The good news is that because it is an automated trading platform, even neophyte traders can be proficient with it.

Bitcoin Pro

The Bitcoin Pro garners an excellent review, particularly in such fundamental areas as devoted customer service, ease of use, safety, and performance. Several seasoned traders have very high regard for the web-based trading platform and consider it extremely straightforward and intuitive, perfect for beginners in the trading arena.

Defining Bitcoin Pro

In essence, Bitcoin Pro is an advanced trading software based on an intelligent algorithm capable of simultaneously researching and executing highly automated trading. More importantly, these algorithms are patterned from tried and tested trading principles utilized by successful cryptocurrency traders.

Bitcoin Pro was founded by a crypto millionaire who got rich by employing these powerful trading tactics. If you check their website, you will note that two siblings, one a Bitcoin Yoda and seasoned crypto broker, the other an algorithm mathematician put their minds together to start Bitcoin Pro.

Bitcoin Pro works with highly regarded robot traders and provides brokers with timely signals to execute its services. Moreover, robot traders offer support systems to ensure the swift implementation of said signals. You must remember that with the tremendous speeds at which the crypto market operates, a slight delay in execution could potentially cause huge losses.

Bitcoin Pro has a Regulated robot trader that makes sure all its brokers’ funds are protected and secured. Also, regulatory agencies such as the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom require the traders to separate the clients’ capital and to present regular reports on their management. That security measure prevents any unwarranted usage of funds other than the intended purpose.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Pro


  • Bitcoin Pro requires an initial deposit of as little as $250 to start trading.
  • It has no hidden or surprise charges.
  • It provides traders with a straightforward and intuitive user interface.
  • It offers a devoted, highly professional customer service.
  • It utilizes SSL security protocols to protect clients’ privacy and information safety.
  • It depends on artificial intelligence (AI) for implementing its transactions.
  • It offers only highly known, respected, and successful trading partners.


  • Bitcoin Pro currently has no mobile app and will only work on a PC setup.

What are Bitcoin Pro’s Unique Features?

Automation is Bitcoin Pro’s most vital feature, and as such, possesses one of the most advanced algorithms developed specifically for the trading industry based on successful and time-tested principles.

Bitcoin Pro relies heavily on artificial intelligence to function as an automated version of a professional Bitcoin broker beginning from research up to the implementation. Further, it uses AI subroutines such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Deep Learning in doing research.

Bitcoin Pro employs adaptive machine technology that enables its learning capabilities to evolve as it encounters different varieties of information and trading scenarios. That means the more people using it through the progression of time, the more precise and accurate it gets. Artificial intelligence and natural language technologies allow Bitcoin Pro to draw discernments from qualitative information.

Bitcoin Pro

Bitcoin Pro scans all news agencies online and picks the appropriate inferences relevant to trading trends and acts upon them way ahead of traditional trading responses. The artificial intelligence can discern fake news from real news.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Pro can interpret trading charts and tables, enabling it to technically analyze and react in mere microseconds to implement the appropriate moves. Bitcoin Pro is purportedly ten times faster and more accurate than its human counterparts and offers leverage as high as 1:2000.

Bitcoin Pro allows payments through Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, and Visa.

What is Bitcoin Flipping?

Much like in traditional trading, that term means being able to buy a stock or Bitcoin at a lower price and sell them at a higher value over a short interval. Bitcoin cryptocurrencies have doubled their amount over the years. That enabled many investors to increase their portfolio by as much as 200%.

How Does Bitcoin Pro Justify its Profitability?

Bitcoin Pro’s owes its profitability to artificial intelligence coupled with adaptive learning technology that allows it to react with lightning speed to current trading trends. It offers brokers the correct and profitable recommendation. One unique advantage of Bitcoin Pro is its ability to generate a return despite the fluctuation of prices. That is because Bitcoin Pro considers the current market volatility, more than price behavior.
Can Bitcoin Pro be considered a scam?

With its proven track record of providing an investment turnaround of up to 300% and a reported daily profit of $1,500, it would be challenging to call Bitcoin Pro a scam. Furthermore, the formidable security level it provides to its investors by deploying military-level cyber safety precautions and a cyber-response unit on 24/7 alert makes it as legitimate as any financial institution.

Benefits of Bitcoin Pro

Bitcoin Pro has an accuracy rate of 99.4%, thereby allowing investors to maximize profits in a relatively short period.

Bitcoin Pro’s AI enables it to react to 0.01seconds ahead of the general market. That is a significant advantage, especially in the fast-paced trading environment.

Bitcoin Pro provides investor confidence of profit as it takes over immediately upon placement of investment. The software is even more reliable and efficient when left to run its course throughout the day.

Bitcoin Pro provides excellent information privacy by employing advanced encryption compliant to the strict rules of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Investors are assured of the utmost confidentiality measures.

Bitcoin Pro has, aside from its professional customer care team, several avenues of contact. It has a live chat, dedicated phone lines, and a support email address. Further, Bitcoin Pro has both Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Who Can Use Bitcoin Pro?

Bitcoin Pro was designed for experienced brokers but is also perfect for neophytes in the trading arena. It has an autopilot function that the newbies can use initially and offers the manual mode for trading experts. The software is straightforward and only requires a minimal set up of parameters as well as monitoring. Users will get familiar with the functions in no time and can leave the program to run its course.

How to Register for a Bitcoin Pro Account?

Similar to the MT4 trading system, Bitcoin Pro adapts to the user’s existing trading network to facilitate a more user-friendly environment.

Procedure of Registration

Bitcoin Pro offers a free account on their webpage and is pretty straightforward to accomplish in two minutes. The user is required to enter their names, a valid email address, and current contact details. A link will then be sent to the user’s email account for verification, which confirms the contact number as well. A separate text message will be sent to the contact number when verified.


Upon verification of the account, the new user is then matched with a corresponding trader/broker designated in their area of jurisdiction. The trading partner then asks for additional information from the new user and verifies these using the Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol, a world-renowned verification process. Typical information required are copies of government ID and the latest utility bill indicating the current address.

Bitcoin Pro Authorization

Initial Deposit

After the verification procedures, the trader can now make a minimum deposit of $250, which is considered as the broker’s capital. Bitcoin Pro, being a licensed trading program, takes a small percentage of the trading profits as commission. Bitcoin Pro provides several methods of payment/deposits via various debit and credit cards, as well as e-wallets such as Webmoney, Skrill, and Neteller, and it also accepts foremost crypto-wallets such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Pilot Account

Bitcoin Pro provides a dummy account as a means for neophyte traders to be acquainted with live trading. The pilot account teaches the new trader the intricacies of risk management, particularly in volatile conditions, thus preventing substantial losses due to even the slightest mistake. The pilot account simulates all the parameters in real-world situations.

Real-world Trading

For experienced traders, or when the newbies have had enough time on the pilot account, Bitcoin Pro offers live trading at a flick of a switch. The trader sets the risk level he/she is prepared to take with 10% of the total account value set as a maximum risk.


How Reliable is Bitcoin Pro?

Bitcoin Pro is a popular and highly reliable trading platform that has a proven track record of making at least a 200% profit on investment. Several testimonials are available on their website that demonstrates the platform’s consistency.

The Bitcoin Pro pilot account is straightforward to use and can be a useful training tool as a new trader progresses to live to trade.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn With Bitcoin Pro?

Several reports and testimonials reveal that Bitcoin Pro can provide an investor about $1500 per day, with up to 200% return on investment within a short period. With that said, investment trading is highly dependent on market volatility and behavior.
Bitcoin Pro offers the best chance of realizing the highest possible returns at a minimum investment and effort. So far, it has proven its worth. Several governmental institutions cover the program’s legitimacy. Furthermore, this legitimacy negates the question of the platform’s being an MLM scheme or Pyramid scam.

Is it Easy to Obtain a Bitcoin Pro Account?

Yes, it is. Registration is free and very straightforward. One must visit the Bitcoin Pro website, fill in the provided questionnaire, and follow instructions. After thorough verification procedures, the account is ready for the initial investment of $250. The new trader then has to set the risk parameters, choose between the pilot program or go straight away to the live trading.

Does Bitcoin Pro Require Trading Experience?

No. The user does not need to have prior experience in trading. Bitcoin Pro provides a pilot account that teaches the neophyte trader all the essential knowledge and skills in trading. Before long, the newbie can be confident enough to delve into live trading, with Bitcoin Pro guiding along and practically taking over decision making for the trader.


Having identified all the advantageous features and functions of Bitcoin Pro, we have shown that it is a reliable, consistent, accessible, and legitimate trading platform excellent for the neophyte and expert traders.

Highlights of its features are the lightning speed and accuracy of making vital decisions reacting to various market trends and influencing events. The extremely automated operation provided by the AI employed in conjunction with advanced learning technology makes for ease of use and reliability. The natural and straightforward registration procedure also provides initial security. The small initial investment requirement means anybody interested in venturing into trading can join.

The sophisticated security measures employed by the enterprise provide legitimacy and peace of mind to its numerous investors. Furthermore, Bitcoin Pro’s adherence to strict rules and guidelines of various governing bodies such as FCA of UK, Australia’s ASIC, and the EU’s GDPR gives more assurance of security.

Bitcoin Pro’s customer service and care team, including the various avenues of contact (email, phone, and social media), ensure its investors of a constant and almost personal touch in responding to every one of their needs, be it trivial or highly valuable.

The provision of several payment options makes for convenience for the member investors.
Bitcoin Pro’s accessibility to all types of investors (whether newbies or seasoned traders) is responsible for attracting a lot of users to the platform.
Lastly, the unique pilot account provided by Bitcoin Pro enables the new traders to have initial training on market trading’s intricacies. That way, inexperienced users will gain enough experience and skill before diving into the complicated world of live trading. However, Bitcoin Pro will still be there to guide them, making sure all transactions and decisions will lead to a positive result.

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