Bitcoin Gemini - Is it A Scam or Legit? We Find Out.

Bitcoin Gemini

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. None more so than Bitcoin Gemini when it claims it can turn $250 into over a thousand dollars within 24 hours of trading. While yet others allege daily profits of over 300%.

Unsurprisingly, we receive numerous queries about Bitcoin Gemini as traders alert to the too-good-to-be-true vibe take extra precautions before signing up to this trading robot. Therefore, we have delved into Bitcoin Gemini and produced this comprehensive Bitcoin Gemini guide.

Bitcoin Gemini

And the good news is that we found nothing to suggest that Bitcoin is anything other than reputable and legit. After analyzing feedback from users, we are happy to report that the Bitcoin Gemini robot performs reliably and consistently. Not only that, but it also gets positively reviewed for ease of use, the withdrawal process, and customer service provision.

But to quote cosmologist Carl Sagan once more, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Regard glowing feedback with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Nothing in life is risk-free. Bitcoin Gemini, in common with other robots, is trading on a margin and involves a significant amount of risk to users trading in the volatile cryptocurrency marketplace. Traders should be aware that there is every likelihood of being wiped out. If you cannot afford to lose the capital you are investing, don’t trade. Or, at least, only use the amount you can afford to lose.

Guide to Bitcoin Gemini

Bitcoin Gemini deploys complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to survey the bitcoin (BTC) marketplace, analyze its data findings, and arrive at actionable conclusions on which to trade. According to various sources, Bitcoin Gemini has a success rate of over 80%. In other words, it beats the market in eight out of every ten trades. We have not yet been able to put this to the test directly. However, from all the data we have pored over, there is an excellent chance that the Bitcoin Gemini robot’s hype may be factual.

What is Bitcoin Gemini?

Bitcoin Gemini is software leveraging on algorithms based on the experience of seasoned cryptocurrency traders and their trading strategies.

The robot, in reality, autonomous software, connects up to broker networks to automatically trade in precisely the same way as a human professional trader would do. Only better.

Essentially what Bitcoin Gemini does is speculate on the volatility of bitcoin. Armed with well-proven strategies, the Bitcoin Gemini robot chases profit from the rises and falls in bitcoin valuation. The built-in versatility of the Bitcoin Gemini robot means it can smooth out bumps in bitcoin prices without affecting its overall performance. This agility tends to find that Bitcoin Gemini performs best when there is high market volatility, regardless of prices increasing or decreasing.


However, you should be aware that Bitcoin Gemini trading is based on leverage heading towards 1:2000 via its broker partners. High leverage amplifies trades and brings greater profits with a level of risk.

For example, leverage running at 1:2000 means that a trader with a minimum deposit of $250 can speculate on bitcoin valued at up to half a million dollars. It is highly recommended that in a volatile market, no matter your stake, you should always cash out the earning generated by a leveraged account.

The flipside of this is that as well as reaping profits, traders also have to contend with equally significant losses if the trades are not in their favor. It is almost inevitable that with highly leveraged accounts, a few bad trades will go into negative territory. Broker partners of Bitcoin Gemini, however, offer mitigation for this scenario with negative balance protection to shield traders from this happening.

Also, Bitcoin Gemini enables users to configure risk control features. These tools are called Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Bitcoin Gemini’s straightforward dashboard enables traders to integrate with the broker without needing expert knowledge in the field. Traders are presented with a much-simplified version for setting basic controls. Once you have toggled Bitcoin Gemini to live trading, there is not much to do apart from sitting back and counting your profits.

How Does Bitcoin Gemini Work?

Bitcoin Gemini works by utilizing state of the art technology to conduct trade research and then act on the findings.
This automatic trading is accomplished by using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

It is said the Bitcoin Gemini robot can sift big data with 90% accuracy and arrive at useable conclusions on which to base trades. Figuring all this out takes less than a second. It makes it feasible for the Bitcoin Gemini robot to get ahead of the wave and capitalize on trading opportunities as soon as they arise.

It, therefore, does two things no human trader can match with both accuracy and speed. The best trading robots like Bitcoin Gemini can identify tradeable intel as it emerges and executes trade before the markets start to respond. And this has to been done in a fraction of a second as markets usually take less than a second to realize new information is available and factor it into prices.

The smart part of AI is a sub-branch called Machine Learning. Rather than be constrained by a strict set of unbending rules, machine learning allows the Bitcoin Gemini robot to learn and respond to changes. The more data the robot interacts with, the smarter it becomes. So it is continually improving over time as it consumes data.

As a result, Bitcoin Gemini’s much-lauded accuracy level will continually improve going forward. This fact seems not to have been lost on its growing user base, which currently stands at more than 100,000 traders.

The third leg of the AI stool is Natural Language Processing (NLP). This function enables the Bitcoin Gemini robot to comprehend human language. This ability is crucial for making sense of the vast volume of data, especially when news trading is involved. Thanks to NLP, the Bitcoin Gemini robot can identify news sources that are authoritative and compute insights from them.

Is Bitcoin Gemini Legitimate Or A Scam?

Most Bitcoin Gemini user reviews suggest that the platform is above board. They also give Bitcoin Gemini top marks for performance, security, ease of use, and customer service.

There are mixed reviews on TrustPilot, but many insist the Bitcoin Gemini robot performs well. As ever, treat such reviews with caution as we have not yet carried out a live test using this robot.

Customer service appears to be friendly and knowledgeable, according to most Bitcoin Gemini reviewers. Our research confirms that customer service agents are available 24×7 via phone, live web chat, and Facebook. An email should only be used for less urgent messages as the turnaround time can be up to three days.

There are various methods to deposit and withdraw funds with Bitcoin Gemini, including major debit and credit cards, most e-wallets, and crypto-wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Deposits are processed almost instantaneously. Withdrawals, however, can take as long as 24 hours. There are no withdrawal limits with Bitcoin Gemini, and no charges are imposed for depositing or withdrawing.

We have carried out checks and concluded that the information provided on the Bitcoin Gemini website is truthful. For example, their claims regarding earnings potential appear to be in line with what the bulk of reviewers assert. Also, Bitcoin Gemini is transparent about its fees. Bitcoin Gemini takes a 10% cut from profits, so it is in their business best interests to maximize profits for users.

How Do You Register With Bitcoin Gemini?

The Bitcoin Gemini registration process is straightforward. You can create a free user account and begin trading in around five minutes. However, you may have to wait for 24 hours for the partner broker to verify your identity.

While Bitcoin Gemini is a global company, it may not be available in your country. You can find out for sure by starting the signup process on the Bitcoin Gemini website.

Here is our guide to starting trading on Bitcoin Gemini.

STEP ONE: Register

Go to the Bitcoin Gemini website and answer the questions on their online registration form. Access the form via the prominent Get Started button in the top menu.

You will be asked to provide your name exactly as it appears on your national ID. You will be obliged to provide an email address that is
valid and a phone number. Check your inbox for their email containing a verification link.

All of Bitcoin Gemini’s traffic is encrypted for your safety. They deploy high-quality encryption on their site to ensure hackers cannot intercept traffic and access user data. Bitcoin Gemini also complies with the European Union’s strict GDPR law to protect personal data privacy.

STEP TWO: Verification

After registering, you will be obliged to verify your identity with a partner broker who will process your deposits and facilitate trades.

Legitimate brokers in most territories and jurisdictions are compelled to comply with stringent measures aimed at preventing money laundering crime. As a result, they must obtain a national government ID check and proof of your current address. The latter can be done by submitting a utility bill you have recently received at the address.

Gemini Verification

All well-regulated brokers will ask for this evidence. Verification should typically take only a few hours.

STEP THREE: Depositing

Once you have cleared verification, the next step is to deposit into your trading account. Bitcoin Gemini’s minimum deposit is $250, which can be made via the usual debit and credit card providers and bank transfer. Some e-wallets, including WebMoney, Skrill, and Netteller, are accepted too. And you can also pay via Bitcoin and Ethereum e-wallets.

There are no fees or limits on deposits imposed by Bitcoin Gemini. Furthermore, all deposits made are instantly reflected in the trader’s account.

STEP FOUR: Demo Account

Bitcoin Gemini will supply you with a demo account to become familiar with their user interface for live trading. A demo account’s functions are identical to the live trading account. It simulates the real live trading experience by operating with historical data.

Importantly, the Bitcoin Gemini demonstrator will allow you to understand critical controls such as those for risk management and volatility timing. The latter determines how the Bitcoin Gemini responds to market events while risk management sets the risk level you are prepared to tolerate. There’s a detailed Bitcoin Gemini user guide to assist you.

STEP FIVE: Going Live

You can go to live trading on Bitcoin Gemini by toggling the live button. But only do so after you have correctly configured the risk settings as outlined in the Bitcoin Gemini trading manual. Once set and live trading activated, there’s little more to do.

You do have to run Bitcoin Gemini for a minimum of eight hours every day to extract the best it has to offer. If you are a nervy type, it is probably best not to repeatedly check your account. You may become anxious and unable not to disrupt the trading.

Stock Exchange

Bitcoin Gemini’s best trading time is when the New York Stock Exchange is operational. Wall Street is one of the main drivers influencing Bitcoin (BTC) volatility, as billions of dollars of bitcoin derivatives are traded there. The higher the volatility, the higher the potential for profits.

We recommend you start with the minimum Bitcoin Gemini deposit of $250. It’s best then to top up your trading account with reinvestment capital.

As Bitcoin Gemini uses a 1:2000 leverage for trading, there is a perfect chance of losing your entire capital. Therefore, we strongly advise traders only to trade what they can reasonably afford to lose as volatility means losses and profits.

Is Bitcoin Gemini Reputable?

Given the overall positive user feedback, we can safely say Bitcoin Gemini is legit. Reviewers on the whole report that Bitcoin Gemini performs consistently well. Further, it is secure, simple to use, and has creditable customer service. After using a Bitcoin Gemini demo account, we can confirm it is effortless to use. Our considered opinion is that Bitcoin Gemini is suitable for all traders, even those with no previous trading experience.

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