Bitcoin Up Review - Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Bitcoin Up Review

There has been a lot of talk about Bitcoin Up in recent months. That has prompted us here at Zeex to do our own review about Bitcoin Up, to see how well it is actually performing. Furthermore, we will see what we think about the platform as a whole. 

The first thing that we noticed about Bitcoin Up is that it is a cryptorobot that aims to be accessible and useable for anyone, no matter what your crypto knowledge is. One thing that we would like to point out before we get into the review, though, is that any trading that you carry out, even with Bitcoin Up, carries a significant risk of losing money. 

What is Bitcoin Up Offering?

Well, before we get into the specifics of what Bitcoin Up is actually offering, I would like to point out that some of the other reviews I have seen seem to muddle their figures up a little. Some claim that you can make up to $3,000 a day with a minimum deposit. However, while we were researching them, we found that to be double of what Bitcoin Up is actually offering for beginners. Having said that, there is a question in the Bitcoin Up FAQ section that says you can earn much more than that. Therefore, you should do your own research, and not always believe every review that you see. Check out more here directly with on the official website!

The next thing that I would like to point out is that we are completing an unbiased review of the cryptorobot and the trading platform. Therefore, everything you read here is based on facts and reviews that we have found. So, what is Bitcoin Up offering to a beginner?

  • Laser-Accurate Performance. - 99.4% accuracy on trading. 
  • Superior Technology. - Ahead of the markets by 0.01 seconds for consistent performance.
  • Award-Winning App. - US Trading Association #1 trading software. 
  • Daily Profit. - Average minimum daily profit of $1,100.
  • Free Software. - No extra charge for their software. 
  • No Fees. - No broker or commission fees.
  • Low Investment. - $250. With the daily profit of $1,100, you have the chance to get 4x your money on the first day.

How To Get Started With Bitcoin Up

If you want to try this platform for yourself, click here to sign up. Then, all you need to do is enter some necessary details and click the “GET STARTED NOW” button. So, as part of our research, we did just that. Before you do that, I  highly suggest that you continue reading this article, it may surprise you.

What Happens When You Sign Up to Bitcoin Up?

The first thing that happens is that you get provided with your own email address and a generated password. No, you do not get to choose the password for yourself. That is the first thing that made me think that this was not entirely as it should be. 

Next, after copying your email and password, you get redirected to the client area of


I have covered up my details, but on this page, you will see your account number and password, which is a little unnerving again, as anyone around you can also see it. However, clicking on the login will take you to the dashboard. Before we get into that, though, the next thing that rang alarm bells is that there is an option to download MT4.

Now, I already have MT4 on my PC, but I remember seeing on the Bitcoin Up website that we get a copy of their proprietary software (which is also spelled incorrectly on their site). Where is that software?

bitcoin up scam
I was at the point of no return anyway, now. So I clicked on the login button, which took me to the webtrader. That must be their “proprietart” software.

The next thing that struck me as strange was the fact that Bitcoin Up was advertising themselves as a BTC trading software, yet the default trading pair was Forex, with EUR/USD. 

Bitcoin Up Phone Call

It was at this point that I received a phone call from a UK number: 020 3868 3419. 

The woman on the end on the line, instantly asked who I was. I know enough about call centers to understand that most, if not all, have a protocol where the caller needs to identify themselves first, then tell you that the call is recorded. That is not what happened. 

Luckily, I had already grown a little dubious about them, so I didn’t give them any of my details, and I asked who they were. All she did was reluctantly give me her name: Olivia. It took further questioning from my part to find out where she was calling from, which she reluctantly told me Bitcoin Up, in a very fast way, almost incomprehensible. 

We exchanged a few questions, none of which either of us was willing to answer. I am the customer, and she was the “customer support,” who rang me. Therefore, I had presumed that she would be happy to answer anything that I had before pushing me for more of my own details. 

Then, instead of trying to calm my apprehension, she hung up on me. That is a clear sign that she was getting uncomfortable with the questioning, and another warning that this is all a scam.  Visit the official site by clicking this link!

Deeper Investigation

As soon as “Olivia,” or whatever her real name was, ended the phone call, I know I had to look a little deeper into Bitcoin Up and Clearsave. 

My first port of call was to search for Clearsave, as this seemed like a completely separate entity to Bitcoin Up, and more like a middle-man company that pushes people to put money into the Clearsave program with promises of grandeur relating to that $1,100 a day. 

I instantly found an article titled: Clearsave review – 5 things you should know

The first thing that you see when you are reading the article is that Clearsave is an unregulated, offshore broker with virtually no credibility. Based in St Vincent and the Grenadines area, it is obviously not someone that you can trust entirely, if at all. That explains the lack of protocol with the phonecall. That means that they were probably recording the call, which makes me feel better that I gave them zero personal information, except for my phone number and email (I entered a different name, and not even in its entirety). 

Along the same lines, before signing up, I did notice something that I thought was quite strange. That is that there is a section where it tells you how much people are earning through their platform, on a ticker type basis. That is fine. 

The thing that I found strange is that it shows how much money those people made in dollars. However, there is no United States phone option when you are signing up. So, is it in Eastern Caribbean dollars? Which is what the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines use, and as of today: 1 East Caribbean Dollar equals 0.37 United States Dollar. 

Where Was The Phone Number From?

Next, I looked into the phone number that called me a little bit. Granted, I already had very poor opinions of this company and knew they were probably a scam, so I didn’t look too much. However, I did find this page pretty quickly. There you will only see one comment, which says that the company was trying to get them to invest their capital. Again, not a good sign. 

Delete My Account

This is the point at which I decided that I would delete my account. I went back into the Bitcoin Up website, and there is no login option. So that was a no go. Therefore, I went back into the dashboard, expecting to find a “delete my account” option. As you may have seen in the screenshot at the beginning of the page, you will notice there is no option, not even a support button. So, I went to the Clearsave contact us page

Now there are entirely different phone numbers to ring to that of the number which rang me, both of which are +31, the Netherlands - a whole 16-hour flight from St Vincent and the Grenadines, in the Caribbean, and still a sea crossing from the UK.

I resorted to writing an email to the [email protected] address. I emailed the compliance email address because I believe that this is a compliance issue. I requested that they delete my account. However, soon after, I received an automatic reply: 

The question arises; why do they have no compliance email address if they have it as a contact option on their site?

So, I chose the customer support email, as I do not want to call a number that does not correlate with the company and country code. 

I am still awaiting a reply, which I don’t expect any time soon. However, I will continue to write this article, and update you if I get a response. 

Other Bitcoin Up Reviews

As part of our review, we check out other sites and their reviews to see what they think and see if anything has changed in their operating system. We don’t always do this first, as we want to make up our own minds before jumping to the conclusion of others. 

Well, I know that this is not a fitting place for this, but it is when it happened. I just received another call, which my phone marked as potential fraud (0330 054 0631), responding to my email. This time they were a little more cooperative with giving up their information, but I still requested that they took my details off their system, and deleted my account. He informed me that they can not delete my account, but would take my details off their system. Great, let’s see how that goes. I will update this article at the bottom should I have any more issues after this is published. 

Back to the other reviews, sorry for the interruption.

If you look at Trustpilot, there are nine reviews, 1 of which is bad, one average, one great, and six Excellent. None of the reviews there seem quite as cynical as this, but maybe they have had a positive experience that I have seemed to miss out on.

There are a lot of other reviews on different websites that give their own opinion, but the question I have to ask is, did they try it? I doubt it. 

One of the reviews says that they redirect you to Crypto800. 

Again, this seems a little bit off to me. Why would Bitcoin Up say they use their proprietary software if they redirect you to different brokers for unknown reasons?

By the way, Crypto800 is also an unregulated offshore broker, which does not lend itself to great feelings. But I cannot comment too much on them, as that is not where I was directed. However, the fact that there are different reviews with different brokers, that you do not get to choose makes me unnerved. 

Bitcoin Up Review - Is It Legit Or A Scam? - Conclusion

While I am only a single person, with an individual review of Bitcoin Up, the instant thoughts of it were not like those of the Babypips review that I wrote. I know that it is a different application for different things, but my feelings were completely different. The user experience with them was comforting,  unlike this one. 

Furthermore, as I have said, I am only one person, there are plenty of sites that advise it to be a pleasant experience, with many of them experiencing good profits. So, there is a possibility that I am one of the unfortunate ones, or perhaps I was more cautious than I should have been. 

If I had to decide if Bitcoin Up is a scam, or if it is legit, based on my own experience while researching them, I would say scam. If you still wish to try them out, feel free to do so by clicking here. One thing that I would like, though, is that if you do, or if you already have, please leave your comments in the section below, and we will perhaps revisit the topic in the future. 

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