Crypto Bank Review - Is It A Scam Or Not?

Crypto Bank review

There has been a surge in crypto bots emerging into the system during recent months. One of the biggest questions we have seen is; is Crypto Bank a legit or is it a scam? Well, in this article, we will take a look around the platform and see what they have to offer, and if it is something that you should stay away from, or invest in.

During any choices that you make that involve money, you should do due diligence, and check out all of the options that you have before making a decision. The reason for that is pretty simple; the platform that you use is one of the most crucial choices that you make. The choice can make or break your investment, and either ruin your trading opportunities, or it can be a lucrative chance. 

What Is Crypto Bank?

Crypto Bank is a software designed with automating the trading of Bitcoin in mind. Furthermore, the software design was created in a way that specifically aimed itself at beginners. Therefore, the idea is that people of any level can begin to trade like they are professionals in the trading scene. 

Some of the claims that Crypto Bank offer seem a little bit too good to be true. However, I think that the way they say the claims are focusing on people who have used the software for a certain amount of time, and not a beginner. While that may be obvious, it is certainly something that you need to understand before you start using the platform. Do not go into the Crypto Bank software thinking that you will have exactly the same results in one day.

What Does Crypto Bank Offer?

Being a cryptorobot, Crypto Bank offers a trading platform that people can use to maximize their profits through technology-enhanced software that chooses when you should trade. Some of the selling points (although the software is free), are:

  • A minimum profit of £970+ a day
  • All within only 20 minutes of work a day
  • Some members claim to make a million within 61 days
  • No fees or commissions

The way that they provide you with these claims is through three primary routes:

  • Laser-accurate Performance. - 99.4% accuracy.
  • Superior Technology. - Software that is 0.01 seconds ahead of the markets. 
  • Award-winning trading app. - Numerous awards including the #1 trading software in the US Trading Association.

The biggest question that we have to contend with at the moment, though, is, is Crypto Bank legit or a scam? 

Is Crypto Bank A Scam?

The first thing that I would like to point out here is that, if you have read our Bitcoin Up review, is that the claims are pretty similar. In fact, the only difference is the currency they give you as an example. 

Furthermore, if you compare the two pages together, you will see far too many similarities to think they are different companies:

Crypto Bank review Bitcoin Up

The question that comes to mind now, however, is: Did one of the companies copy the other, or are they different domains by the same company looking only to maximize their own scam profit?

Maybe you think that it is only the top of the page that is similar, but if you look down the page a little, you will notice that the claims are the same, too. However, they have obviously taken a little more time on Crypto Bank. Don’t take my word for it though. Open both sites on different tabs and compare them for yourself. 

Crypto Bank Review

While the similarities between the two sites caused me a little bit of unrest, it would be unfair of me to end the review there. So, instead, I continued to sign up with them and see what was the difference. 

Firstly, it did seem slightly different when I signed up. I had the choice to create my own password, which is better. Furthermore, there was an option to sign up for the United States, too. Which, if you remember, there was no option for the US to get scammed with Bitcoin Up.

I had pondered the idea of signing up slightly too long, and the pushy timer at the top of the page had run out.

I was unsure if that was the reason I could not sign up, or if there was another issue. So, I simply hit F5 to refresh the page, and the timer started again. 

crypto bank timer

Was it a miracle or just a way to make more people sign up? My guess is the latter. 

Anyway, I entered my details again, and this time, it still didn’t let me sign up. I am unsure why, but this time, I have had no email, and no phone call either, yet. Again, as with the Bitcoin Up review, I will let you know if anything happens. 

Without the option to actually look into the software, I am going to have to look into the Crypto Bank offers without using their “award-winning” software. Seems a little odd that they are rushing the site users to sign up, then not letting you. 

I tried again, just to make sure, and this time I saw a flash, something like a dialogue box, but it was too quick to see what it said. I had to record my screen to see what it was, but it was nothing interesting, just a percentage indicator.

Now that I cannot complete the review based on my own experiences, I will need to dig a little into other reviews to see what they are saying.

Other Reviews Of Crypto Bank

I am not going to go into too many details about what others have written about Crypto Bank. However, one thing that I notice is that there are a lot of links to the platform that do not work anymore. Is that because most people have gotten the URL wrong, or is it because Crypto Bank changes it more often than the webmasters can keep up with for their links? 

While we are on that train of thought, you should take a moment to have a look at the link that I provided for you above. You would want the URL to be something obvious, memorable. Yet it is not. While there is a website called, there is nothing on that site that makes it look like the two are related. 

Furthermore, it is pretty challenging to find any other review that has any screenshots other than the ones I have provided above. Is that because they do not try to actually review the system, or is it because they couldn’t sign in either? Either way, I don’t think that they are very good reviews if they are pushing people into using it without trying it themselves. 

Crypto Bank Review - Conclusion

Unfortunately, I cannot give a complete review of the Crypto Bank system because they did not let me sign up. I do not know why they didn’t, but I will try again in a few days/weeks and update this article when I have any further information. 

However, my first thoughts are not that great. Maybe that is an unfair opinion based on nothing but a “similar” set up to a system that I think is a scam. Either way, it is not something that I am going to invest my money into. Certainly not in the near future, anyway.

Perhaps some of you have had other experiences with Crypto Bank, and we would like to hear them, so leave them in the comments section below. 

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