Green Tree Profits Review - Is It Legit or a Scam?

Green Tree Profits Review

While we are on the topic of reviewing crypto robots that are in the limelight for trading at the moment, we thought that we would complete a Green Tree Profits review. As always, we will look through the platform and what they have to offer. That should provide you with a solid base on which to make your own decision about if it is a scam or not. 

First of all, the refreshing thing about Green Tree Profits is that it doesn’t look exactly like the last two reviews we have completed. If you want to read them, I will link them below:

Green Tree Profits Review

As with most of the other crypto bots, Green Tree Profits seem to be offering a similar package:

  • 15 minutes a day working
  • $250 minimum deposit
  • No hidden fees
  • $1500 profit a day

The first thing that I notice that is different, though, is that there is a software license cost of $997. At the moment, I am unsure if that is pointing more towards a scam, or if it is less likely to be one as you need to pay. Only time will tell.

The first thing that we will do is to sign up. It is pretty easy to do; all you need to do is enter the details on the main page that you can find here

Now that I have signed up, the telltale signs of a scam are starting to pop up. First of all, there is no option to add your own password, which is something that really puts me off. However, we will continue. Before I had time to copy the password that was provided, I was redirected to a payment page of Trading Teck. I haven’t looked into these yet, and I will do further down the review. However, before I got to wrap my head around the fact that I was pushed to a payment processor, I had a phone call, again.

Green Tree Profits? Phone Call

The phone rang as soon as the page turned to a payment processor, which, again, I didn’t like. It made me think that it was going to be a push into paying them money. Now, bear in mind that all I wanted to do was “test drive” the software before I invested. 

This time, the person on the other end of the phone told me their name, which I didn’t catch, and that they were calling from Trading Teck. They explained that I could download the software onto my phone or PC, and run it whenever I have time, and stop it when I don’t. What that meant is that it only operates while you are actively watching the software, but I thought that this was all automated. 

Next, he asked me what page I was looking at on my screen, which I told him was the payment processor. He urged me to fill in the details with a £250 deposit, and fill in my payment details, click next, and tell him when it was complete. I explained to him that I only want to see the software before committing to any payment, and he told me I could not do that - I need to pay to see it. Furthermore, he said that the £250 deposit is a working capital that I can use to trade and make up to £1000 in a month. What happened to the $1500 a day?

The first thing I decided to check is if I could see the software in a demo account without depositing any money, even though he had already said that I couldn’t. He explained that I do not need to see it, as it is all automated, and I would have a dedicated account manager set it all up for me. Furthermore, he advised me that a demo account is only for manual trading, not automated. I asked him if he would buy a self-driving car without seeing it, he only laughed.

Next, he told me I could see it if I really wanted to, and then ended the call by telling me that an account manager will call me to set up my software. I haven’t received that call yet. Check out more here directly with on the official website!

Further Investigation of Green Tree Profits

I am currently logged into Trading Teck, but I opened the link to Green Tree Profits again to have a further look. The thing that caught my attention is the graph and CNBC section:

I had not heard about Google banning all cryptocurrency-related ads since I read the reversal article on CNBC, here. So, naturally, I wanted to read more to see where they were getting the information from and see what I missed. 

Unfortunately, I was met with this message. So, I scrolled up the page to see where I could log in, and there is no login option, but I am still logged into the Trading Teck platform where Green Tree Profits sent me. Where is my membership then? There is no contact us page either, so no chance of finding out. 

The graph on the first image seemed intriguing to me, and I decided to go back to the Trading Teck website to see what that was all about and see if that was their proprietary software. 

I have the option to Trade Now, which I clicked on to see if there was a demo account. 

This page looks nothing like the screenshot on Green Tree Profits, and no amount of tweaking could get me there, either. Smells fishy to me, especially as Green Tree Profits use proprietary software.

My opinion is that Green Tree Profits is an affiliate to Trading Teck, which, in some cases, may be acceptable. However, the claims on the Green Tree Profits site are obviously made up to an extent. Use the login page now.

Trading Teck Review

A quick search of Trading Tech does not lend itself to great feelings. Yet again, this is a broker registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which is never a good start. The island does not have any Forex regulations, and it is the place where many of the shady brokers’ registers, thus my decision to not invest on the phone call, was a wise one. 

I could go into a full review of the Trading Teck platform, but at the moment, we are focusing only on Green Tree Profits. Therefore, maybe in the future, we will go through that platform in a little more detail. However, my opinion is not a great one here. 

Our Responses To The Green Tree FAQs

  • How much money will I make? - The sky is the limit, however the average minimal profit our members make is $1,500 daily.
    • I was told that I could make up to £1,000 in a month. Are Green Tree Profits not in sync with Trading Teck, or have one of the companies got this wrong?
  • How many licenses do you still have available? - We only have a limited amount of Green Tree Profits licenses available, so we recommend you quickly sign up.
    • There was no mention of licenses at all with Trading Teck; that maybe because I was fast enough to sign up, or there is no limit, and this is a way to push for sign-ups. 
  • This sounds like Affiliate Marketing? - This has nothing to do with affiliate marketing; Green Tree Profits is an exclusive tool and service that provide crucial insights to cryptocurrency trading.
    • My personal opinion, and seeing that you are pushed straight to a site with seemingly no connection to Green Tree Profits, that this is actually an affiliate marketing rouse. 
  • How much time do I need to invest every day? - Because our tool does all the hard work for you, our members typically work only around ~15 minutes a day to make strategic trades.
    • I was told that I had to run the program for it to work, but it would do the work for you at that time. I was also told that I would not have to make any decisions, as the software does that, too. So, do I need to make strategic trades? Does it do all of the hard work for me? I am not willing to find out. 
  • How much does a software license cost? - An exclusive Green Tree Profits software license costs $997
    • I managed to get onto the Trading Teck software for free, even though I was told that I couldn’t. But the cost that the person on the phone told me was it was free after I deposited my £250 working capital. There was no mention of $997.
  • Are there any hidden or extra fees? - We don’t have any other fees, commissions or other hidden costs.
    • Honestly, there didn’t seem to be any more fees. But even if Trading Teck is a legit broker, which I doubt, they do have their own costs, as do all brokers. You can see that in the Sell and Buy prices in the screenshot above. If all of the Buy/Sell spreads are the same; then you are looking at a 0.1522% fee. But that is the broker; Green Tree Profits sent me to them for free. 

Green Tree Profits Review - Conclusion

My personal thoughts are that Green Tree Profits is an affiliate company looking only to send clients to Trading Teck. There could be other brokers, but I can only comment on my own experience. 

While looking through some of the information about Trading Teck, I found that it is certainly not a company that I would invest my money with, no matter how professional the site may look. But, back to the topic of Green Tree Profits, there is no contact option, and this is in their disclaimer found at the bottom of the page:

You are advised that the CFDs and Forex offered by our selected brokers are not always traded under the rules of any recognized, designated or regulated exchange.

Consequently, engaging in CFD and Forex trading may expose you to substantially greater risks than investments which are so traded.

Clearly, this is not their proprietary software that we are using, but that of other brokers. The one that I was provided was an unlicensed, unregulated broker, and that makes me feel like this is all a scam. Visit the official site by clicking this link!

Maybe I have had another bad experience, but I presume this is the same experience that everyone gets. Let us know in the comments below. 

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