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immediate edge

Immediate Edge Bot is a fully automatic cryptocurrency trading bot that helps people earn profits by using mathematical algorithms to predict and act upon current crypto market volatility accurately. The bot is very reliable and backs up its claims with real, honest to goodness profitability.

immediate edge

Due to its highly complex nature of the operation, wherein advanced algorithms are utilized to monitor, analyze, and make appropriate recommendations upon market behavior, crypto trading platforms are treated with dubious regard and with considerable harshness.

However, people with broader minds and who are more open to new concepts and ideas, tend to see the logic and advantages of using crypto trading bots to generate profit. More and more individuals are benefited from enormous wealth by delving into the recently established cryptocurrency market trading. The resulting technology and platforms that ensued to cater to that particular niche market have also increased tremendously by extension.

The challenge now is to find the most lucrative and legitimate crypto trading platforms among the thousands of options cropping up all around the Ethernet. This review will focus on one promising example and look into its features and functions that make it stand out from the rest.

Immediate Edge Bot - Definition

Immediate Edge is a legitimate and trustworthy cryptocurrency trading bot that accomplishes what it professes. At least that’s what we think after testing the waters ourselves and fielding a number of our scam-busters to register with Immediate Edge. We were not disappointed as all of them were able to generate profits in varying degrees, for sure, but still positively gained earnings.

Our testing shows that Immediate Edge generates a very decent 85% success rate that is neither unbelievably high nor too low as to constitute disinterest. That “just right” rate of success is what attracts a lot of investors to Immediate Edge. Most of them didn’t have any regrets or recriminations in investing with the platform.

In a particular case, two $250 (minimum) investments each generated a $220 profit. Now that is an excellent result for any trading crypto bot. What’s more surprising is that the investor is a green neophyte trader whose benefit will certainly generate him more confidence and experience in his future transactions. Further, that example proves that skill or knowledge of crypto trading is required to be able to use Immediate Edge.

Can You Tell Me How Immediate Edge Operates?

Immediate Edge is a trading platform that can operate in cryptocurrency and traditional foreign currency exchange, while also capable of providing binary options. While there are significant amounts of skepticism on crypto trading, particularly with this platform, we can confidently tell you that it is the real deal.

Similar to other automatic trading bots, Immediate Edge employs mathematical algorithms and machine learning technologies to make accurate and timely steps to generate profit. The best part of this highly automated and autonomous trading is that the user is not required to give substantial effort and time to be successful.

Bitcoin, Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge works better when left to its devices. You only need to set up specific parameters that the bot will consider in making assumptions and incorporate it into its algorithm. Then all you do is monitor the progress from time to time while you get on with your daily routine, leaving the bot to slave away for you.

You can compare Immediate Edge to modern virtual assistants like Siri or Google assistant. Instead of manually dialing a number to get in touch with someone, all you do is tell Siri to call say “Jim,” and Siri will proceed to do just that for you.

In the same context, Immediate Edge will research trading intricacies and volatility directions and act upon them while you go about your activities, or the proverbial “laying back.” While you are busy doing something else, you can be confident that Immediate Edge is doing its utmost to find some profit for you, and in most cases (85%), it does.

What Are The Elements Of Immediate Edge?


The official website claims that users can generate a $2,200 profit daily. While it sounds like a ridiculous boast, especially for beginners, it is not very far from the truth. Okay, a newbie may not immediately receive that amount on his/her first try. With continuous trading and consistent effort, they can soon benefit from Immediate Edge and get results near the amounts mentioned in the pronouncements.

Authentication System

The first step is to make an account with minimal details and provide your credit/debit card information for the deposit. No other information is necessary, no IDs and no bank statements are required.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Scams are easily identified when it comes to withdrawals. Deposits are almost instantaneous to accomplish, whereas withdrawals take forever, with most never taking place at all. That is not the case with Immediate Edge, where deposits are equally fast to facilitate, and cash withdrawals rarely take more than 24 hours to get processed. Compared to other platforms, wherein withdrawals take 7-10 days, Immediate Edge’s is swift.

immediate edge withdrawals

Charges and Fees

Immediate Edge has no hidden fees or additional charges for registration, withdrawals, no broker’s fees, and no commissions too.


As you make an investment in a venture that is new and untested, you want to be sure your money will earn instead of getting lost, leading you to bankruptcy. That is where testimonials come in handy.

Initially, you will be surprised and a bit skeptical of presented materials and information indicating successes or profits. Then as you encounter more testimonials of success, you will gradually believe that this particular crypto trading platform actually delivers its promises to its users and investors.

Customer Service

A reliable and professional customer service team is an essential component of a successful and reputable trading concern. Remember that a considerable portion of investors will be newbies in the trading arena and will have many issues, interests, and queries when they join up.

Immediate Edge has an excellent team of executives focused on customer relations and services, who are more than willing and able to assist you in any way.

Immediate Edge provides contact avenues like email and “live” chat to its users available 24/7. You can undoubtedly rely on them to help you at any stage of the trading experience.

Partner Brokers

In all circumstances of the crypto trading, whether setting up accounts or depositing funds, you will have a partner broker to facilitate your transactions. Every amount you deposit goes into the broker’s account, who then makes the trade on your behalf.

That means all partner brokers must be reliable and trustworthy and thus is the case with Immediate Edge. All their affiliated brokers are regulated, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your funds.

How To Register With Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge’s registration process is very straightforward and does not require much to do, so don’t get stressed about anything. Just follow the steps we outline below, and you’re on your way to an exciting venture.

  • Visit Immediate Edge’s official website by clicking on the link we have provided here:
  • When you get to the homepage, you will see at the topmost right corner a registration portion asking you to enter your complete name and valid email address.
  • Delegate a strong password for information security.
  • Submit the information.
  • Congrats! You are now a registered Immediate Edge member and can take advantage of their excellent platform.

How To Begin Business In Immediate Edge?

Right after successful registration, you can immediately begin trading. Just remember the points we mentioned at the start of the review, and you’re all set. Of course, a very vital thing to do first is to deposit your initial capital fund. A minimum of $250 is enough for now. We recommend making a small amount initially as you are still at the start of your trading experience, and whatever happens, the amount is small enough not to be stressed over.

You can facilitate deposits through major debit and credit cards affiliated with Klarna, Skrill, Wire Transfer, VISA, and several others. Immediate Edge has provided a dedicated pop-up page for that with your convenience in mind. After accomplishing the fund’s deposit, you now have a choice on how to proceed. You can check out the demo account or go directly to begin “live” trading.

Demo Account Of Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge’s trading demo mode is available only to those members whose partner brokers have deemed necessary to have one. In most cases, especially with newbie traders, the demo mode is made available. The demo allows the new trader to get acquainted with the intricacies of “live” trading without real risks.

Here, you will learn how Immediate Edge reacts to set parameters as well as to the crypto market behavior, so you can practice setting up or modifying conditions you want the crypto robot to work within. When you are ready, you can proceed to the “live” trading.

Immediate Edge’s “Live” Trading

The “live” trading mode is fully automatic, so the crypto bot does all the background research, monitors the market behavior, and does the corresponding deals at incredible speed and timing. By this time, you will have been familiar with the various parameter settings like the maximum individual trade amount, stop-loss limit, etc. You must also be content with said settings before pushing that auto trade button to start earning.

Who Created Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge was established by Edwin James, who has earned billions in binary options of forex and crypto trading. He has incorporated his strategies and tactics into the bot so you can share his success. His goal is to enable all beginners to make profits precisely three minutes of having signed into the Immediate Edge platform.

Is Immediate Edge Available In A Mobile App?

Immediate Edge currently has no mobile app versions, although you can still access the platform on your phone. Simply go to your mobile device’s internet browser and search for Immediate Edge’s website or just type it in. Press enter, and you will have instant access.

Does Immediate Edge Get Endorsements From Celebrities?

Unsubstantiated rumors are going around that celebrities like Gordon Ramsay or football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo have endorsements for Immediate Edge. These are all false, and Immediate Edge’s CEO condemns these dubious marketing stints.

Has Shark Tank Featured Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge has not been ever featured on many TV shows like Shark Tank, and again, these are false rumors propagated by scrupulous individuals hoping to gain favor from all parties involved. It would be prudent to ignore these unsubstantiated lies.

Immediate Edge Pros and Cons


  • Immediate Edge is a well-tested crypto trading platform.
  • It provides an intuitive and straightforward interface.
  • The trade parameters are highly customizable to match your preferences.
  • Immediate Edge offers a demo account or trading mode for beginners and inexperienced users.
  • Immediate Edge assures its members of instant trouble-free payouts and withdrawals.
  • Immediate Edge has an exceptional customer service team available 24/7.


  • Immediate Edge currently has no mobile app.
  • The minimum initial deposit for trading capital is $250.
  • Immediate Edge’s success rate is 85%.
  • Demo mode availability is dependent on the assigned broker’s prerogative.
  • Immediate Edge can still incur losses as a consequence of market behavior.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Immediate Edge is a legitimate crypto trading platform that is highly recommendable for both inexperienced and expert traders. It is very user-friendly, and the provision of a demo account negates the need for prior experience or knowledge in cryptocurrency trading.

Immediate Edge provides safety and security for its users through stringent security protocols. It also observes strict adherence to government regulating bodies to guarantee its investors’ funds and makes sure all its affiliated partner brokers are duly licensed and regulated.

Immediate Edge provides investors with totally straightforward and trouble-free transactions (deposits and withdrawals) that are entirely free-of-charge.

Lastly, Immediate Edge’s exceptional customer service ensures that you, as a valued client and investor, are cared for in the best possible way every time.

With all that in perspective, we highly recommend that you give Immediate Edge a try and start your exciting and profitable journey soon.
We wish you all the luck!

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