A User Guide to Bitcoin Era: Is it The Real Deal or Just Another Scam? We Find Out

Bitcoin Era

First of all, a little background may be useful. Bitcoin Era enables the buying and selling of BTC (Bitcoin) and other well-known cryptocurrencies to be automated. It is essentially a robot that is algorithm-based. Not much is divulged on the official Bitcoin Era about its genesis. Or, indeed, even who is behind the development of the software. However, there is plenty of noise about its performance. The site claims their robot is exceptionally reliable and has generated significant cryptocurrency trading profits for its users.

Bitcoin Era

In this Bitcoin Era guide, we will walk you through the platform and weigh the claims made about Bitcoin Era. We will furnish you with all the vital information and background knowledge you require to make an informed decision. For you don’t want to trust your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading to an unknown quantity. You want to have all the facts before decided whether you trust the platform with your trading.

Along with most other things in life, there are plus and negative points to consider. So let’s bullet point these before we continue.

The plus points of Bitcoin Era

  • A straight-forward registration and verification process
  • Trade settings you can customize
  • Simple navigation and a friendly user interface
  • Transparent fees with no commission payable to brokers

The negative point of Bitcoin Era

  • Limited range of cryptocurrency options
  • No cell phone app
  • Vague and inaccurate information on the website
  • Lack of transparency about who is behind the development of the Bitcoin Era robot.

How Do I Use Bitcoin Era, And What is it Exactly?

Great questions. Firstly, Bitcoin Era is a robot that’s used for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It deploys statistical algorithms to look at a range of existing and past data and compare the two. The conclusions it arrives at are then applied to the present cryptocurrency marketplace to work out the best possible entry and exit points to obtain the maximum profit from trades. In addition to this automation of trading, the Bitcoin Era robot allows users to trade manually. Users can input their trading parameters. These parameters include the trading strategy, stop loss, what cryptocurrency asset is to be bought or sold, and the level of investment a trader wishes to use.

When the market matches the parameters set up by the user no matter the time of day or night, the Bitcoin Era robot executes the trade.

Is Bitcoin Era Reputable and Above Board?

According to the information available on the internet, it does indeed appear that Bitcoin Era is legitimate. Certainly, there are numerous claims of the Bitcoin Era robot having worked well for many users.

That said, you can’t believe everything you read on the web. There are stories on the Bitcoin Era website claiming that people have made fortunes relatively quickly. But it’s always best to be skeptical about these sorts of get-rich-quick claims. Another reason to be slightly uneasy is the fact that the Bitcoin Era robot has numerous websites attributed to it. These multiple websites also add to the Bitcoin era mystery and do not help to verify its authenticity.

Meanwhile, another alarm bell is that the Bitcoin Era website lays claim to having won multiple United States Trade Association awards. However, finding proof of this claim is difficult to find.

While the Bitcoin Era platform lets users trade cryptocurrencies, it should probably be a backup service rather than your exclusive trading platform. Rather than being entirely at the mercy of the Bitcoin Era robot, a better strategy would be setting trade parameters. Parameters like daily limits and stop-loss could be set up as precautionary measures to mitigate market volatility.

Bitcoin Era, How Does it Work?

Bitcoin Era undertakes trades by it connecting via the web to a diversity of cryptocurrency brokers. The robot works out the optimum entry and exit points for a trade in a specified cryptocurrency asset. It then passes this information via an API to a partner broker. When the broker receives this signal, the broker automatically processes the trade according to the criteria set by the Bitcoin Era robot.

Bitcoin Era FAQ answered

With which brokers does Bitcoin Era work?

The Bitcoin Era robot works with a wide range of CFD-regulated brokers, with whom it relays trading signals. Investous and 24Ooption are just two examples of the brokers with whom they cooperate.

Which cryptocurrencies can I trade on Bitcoin Era?

There are several cryptocurrencies currently supported by Bitcoin Era. These include: Bitcoin (BTC); Ethereum (ETH); Dash (DASH); Litecoin (LTC); EOS (EOS); Ripple (XRP); and IOTA (MIOTA).

There is also the facility to trade Bitcoin in US dollars and Euros.

Is Bitcoin Era available for both my mobile and desktop?

Bitcoin Era can be used on all desktop operating systems. While the Bitcoin Era website can be accessed via a mobile web browser at present, there does not appear to be a mobile app available thus far.

Is it possible to use leverage to trade assets?

Yes, but the Bitcoin Era website does not spell out the criteria for trading with leverage. Indeed, all the brokers supported by Bitcoin Era are CFD services that extend leveraged cryptocurrency trading.

Notwithstanding, we would always advise traders, particularly novice traders, to start small and avoid high leverage levels. After all, cryptocurrency marketplaces are notoriously volatile. It is, therefore, eminently possible for a trader to lose significant sums due to sudden and unexpected price fluctuations.

Can I adopt short and long positions?

Yes, Bitcoin Era enables you to take both positions via its parameter-setting trade tools. Setting these parameters enables traders to secure profits no matter if the market is falling.

To be clear, a trader will adopt a long position when the expectation is that a specific cryptocurrency will increase in value. Conversely, a short position is adopted when a trader feels the price of the cryptocurrency will fall.

Which payment methods are accepted, and are there limits on withdrawals and deposits?

There are several acceptable payment methods comprising bank transfers, debit and credit cards, and Neteller.

There are limits on deposits; the minimum amount is $250, while the maximum limit on deposits is $15,000.

You should also be aware that it can take up to 36 hours for the cash to show up in your bank account. The withdrawal process takes place via the broker’s account, and no limits are set on withdrawals.

What costs or fees will I have to pay?

Bitcoin Era does not apply any hidden fees or take a commission for using the platform.

How are funds withdrawn?

The proceeds from your trading or the capital with which you trade can be transferred to your bank account. All you are asked to do is complete a withdrawal request form. As Bitcoin Era does not impose a commission fee on profitable trading, you receive the full sum.

Payouts can be accessed daily as Bitcoin Era does not impose limits on withdrawals. You should note that Bitcoin does not allow you to cash out in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency as it works exclusively with CFD brokers.

What is involved in Bitcoin Era registration and verification?

There are only a limited number of steps involved, and the process should take you less than 30 minutes to complete. To begin with, new users are only required to provide basic information such as their name, email, and contact phone number. Once these details are verified, you can begin trading or dip your toes in with a demo trading account.

The ability to register for a Bitcoin Era account is only available if you reside in a country with partner brokers offering their services. One country that cannot register accounts is India, for example.

Be aware, too, that although ID documents are not required to register for a Bitcoin Era account, you will be asked to provide these documents when withdrawing money.

To comply with legislation combatting money laundering, you will be required to submit ID to the partnered broker’s account when withdrawing profits.

Is the Bitcoin Era customer service satisfactory?

Before registering for an account, you can have queries answered via an online contact form. After you register, Bitcoin Era provides 24/7 live chat assistance to users as well as a hotline number to call.

How do you trade with Bitcoin Era?

The user-interface of Bitcoin Era is intuitive and makes it easy to navigate around an account. Users can easily see all their account functions, including trading history, setting trade parameters, and making trades. But first, you have to register an account. The following explains each step.

Opening a Bitcoin Era account

Step 1: Go to the Bitcoin Era homepage and click signup in the top menu. You will then be asked to supply your name, email address, password, and phone number. A confirmation will be emailed to the supplied address for you to verify and login to your account.

Step 2: You with then have the option to open a demo account to get to grips with cryptocurrency trading or go straight to live trading. To start trading in earnest, you will need to deposit $250 as a minimum investment.

Step 3: Select either ‘Start AutoTrading’ or manual trading. AutoTrading enables the Bitcoin Era robot to execute trades for you. In manual, the trader places the trades based on their strategies. No matter which you select, you will have to set parameters including your credit limit, target price, and cryptocurrency type you wish to trade.

Top Bitcoin Era robot trading tips for novices

It cannot be emphasized sufficiently how important it is to research cryptocurrency before starting to trade. Cryptocurrency trading is a complex and volatile marketplace. Experienced traders, too, should be cautious before trusting their cash to a trading robot. So what do the experts recommend?

  • Learn cryptocurrency trading before using a robot. If you are a novice, it is crucial to learn how cryptocurrency trading works, even if relying on a robot. There are no shortcuts, so do the homework and learn about setting limits, stop losses, etc. to safeguard your funds and develop better trading strategies.
  • Learn as much as you can about cryptocurrency. It is vital to fully comprehend the basics of cryptocurrency trading before using a robot like Bitcoin Era.
  • If you are new to trading, definitely begin with a demo account. These demo accounts allow you to learn the ropes of cryptocurrency trading with ‘fantasy’ money before putting any real cash on the line.
  • Take your time to build up a portfolio. All the best trading strategies are long-term and aimed at generating consistent growth over several years. Start with small investments so as not to expose yourself to significant risk.
  • Only invest what you can comfortably afford to lose. This rule is probably the most critical ethos to adopt when trading any asset, be it cryptocurrency or stock and shares. Remember that despite what you may hear, there is no sure-fire trading strategy. No matter how careful you are, there will always be an element of risk involved for individual traders. Don’t, therefore, put your shirt on a trading robot.


There are mixed reviews about Bitcoin Era. Some Bitcoin Era users have gained from using their robot, but others have expressed their disappointment about its performance.

In common with other cryptocurrency robots, Bitcoin Era trades in only a few cryptocurrency types. As all Bitcoin Era trades are placed via CFD brokers, all transactions occur in fiat currency rather than cryptocurrency.

If you are interested in using Bitcoin Era, then the best approach, on balance, is to use their robot as an additional tool to hone your trading strategy. By learning as much as you can about cryptocurrency trading, you can set account parameters to mitigate risk and provide a higher return on investment.

Finally, we would again underline the need to dedicate substantial time to thoroughly research Bitcoin Era before deciding to trade cryptos using their robot.

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